What is SmithyQ?

What is SmithyQ.com?

I created this blog in 2015.  It started as a simple personal blog, where I wrote about whatever … every day.  For 400+ days in a row, I wrote and published a new blog post.  It was a personal challenge, and though it was fun for awhile, it grew tiresome.

Now, SmithyQ.com is primarily a chess blog.  I’m rated 2100, and I offer advice, analysis and anecdotes about the royal game, as well as random posts about random things at random times.

Yeah, but what does ‘SmithyQ’ mean?

SmithyQ, or just Smithy for short, was the name of my beloved cat.  He passed away several years ago. The name, then, is a memorial for my dear kitty. You can read his biography below, and you can see his likeness in my logo.  Yes, I made it myself.


If you’re wondering how we decided on the name SmithyQ … that’s a great question, one that I do not have a good answer for.  If you say it out loud, though, I’m sure you’ll agree that it sounds right.  SmithyQ.  It rolls off the tongue.